Look your best in a Lista's Studio of Photography portrait.

High School Seniors

The senior year of high school is a turning point in the life of a young person. It precedes the beginning of your adult life, in which you may go on to college, start a career, start military service, or marry and start a family. You may be saying goodbye to friends and moving to another place.

You will want to preserve the good memories you have of friends, high school activites, prom, and graduation. Why settle for the pro-forma yearbook picture? Lista's Studio can create much higher quality images of you in your sports uniform, in your cap and gown, in your prom outfit, in your military uniform.

Personal Portraits

When you want a permanent remembrance keepsake portrait of your family, individual family members or yourself, Lista's Studio can provide the best quality at affordable prices.

As your family grows and develops, we can preserve memories in the making by photographing your children for birth announcements and to show their development over time. Todd Lista is especially good with children and can show them at their best and cutest.

Don't forget the special times and purposes when a fine quality photograph will tell the story; of birthdays, family reunions, special holidays, religious milestones, anniversaries.

Professional Portraits

Many businesses display portraits of principal staff members prominently in thir office reception areas and in advertising. Lista's Studio provides this service to doctors, lawyers, realtors, and many other professionals in the Aiken area.

Most creative people like authors, artists, musicians, models, and actors need good quality portraits to publicise their work. Lista's Studio can provide dust jacket portraits, actor head shots, album cover images, and model portfolio shots. We also do uniform portraits for military, police, firemen, athletes, and medical personnel.


Let Lista's Studio make your event a truly memorable and special one. Besides recording the event to preserve your memories on paper, we have the ability to enhance the event while it happens. We can run a "photo booth", providing prints as we create the pictures. We can display the images on one or more large flat panel video displays around the room.

Whether it be a business gathering, a family reunion, a civic event, a performance, or a sporting event; whether it be an anniversary party, a bar/bat mitzvah, a confirmation, or a quinceaños, let Lista's Studio make it an event that everyone will remember.

Portrait Packages

Prints from a single image; two 5x7 and eight wallet size


Prints from up to three images; one 8x10, four 5x7 and eight wallet size


Prints from up to two images; three 5x7 and eight wallet size


Prints from up to four images; two 8x10, four 5x7 and sixteen wallet size


Prints from up to four images; three 8x10, six 5x7 and twenty-four wallet size

Online Orders

All your pictures will be made available for online ordering of prints. This will allow you, your friends, and relatives to view and buy prints of any size. Click here to go to our online ordering page.